Ticare Congress is back!

The XII Ticare Evidence Congress will take place on 23rd February 2024 at the TeatroGoya Multiespacio in Madrid. Over 40 national and international speakers will give lectures about current trends in implant dentistry. Three programs will be running simultaneously:  Dentistry, Prosthetics and Hygiene.

Dr Guillermo Pradies, Dr Juan Blanco, Dr Mariano Sanz,  Dr Alberto Monje, Dr Jerian Gonzalez, Dr Gonzalo Blasi, Dr Alberto Salgado, Dr JoseLuis Cebrian, Dr Jose Luis Dominguez, Dr Rui Figueiredo, Dr Ramon Pons, Dr Pablo Dominguez, Dr Carlos Navarro, Dr Florencio Monje and Dr Juan Lara Chaos are among the lecturers for this Congress. 

Reserve your agenda for February 23!

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